Video 30 May 4 notes

32 x 32 px, dancin’ heat (click for actual size) !!

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get many loot!

Photo 28 May 6 notes cities reek of dung

cities reek of dung

Photo 28 May 5 notes report your findings to telekom

report your findings to telekom

Audio 5 May

found an old musical endeavor from about 2 years ago on my USB stix. the file was called “h2low” and i think i was trying to make drowning sound cool or something, but drowning is not cool (not cool at all.)

made with pxtone.

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Photo 12 Apr 1 note CRORON ON THE CROB!


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ludum dare skeleton history

Video 2 Apr 5 notes

faux logos faux logos

Photo 4 Feb 12 notes waaaaaaaa


Photo 4 Feb 9 notes conkong


wandering about, wondering

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